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Dec 26, 2019

On this episode of Staring Into The Abyss, a very tired Scott Kemper tells us about his late, late night seeing The Misfits play at Madison Square Garden and hitting the cinema to see the debut of Robert Eggers's latest film, The Lighthouse, starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Co-hosts Matt Brandenburg and Michael Patrick Hicks discuss Betty Rocksteady's short story collection In Dreams We Rot, episodes four and five of Shudder's original series, Creepshow, Nicole Cushing's The Half-Freaks, as well as Daniel Kraus's Halloween thriller, Blood Sugar, from Hard Case Crime, and news on his upcoming collaboration with the dearly departed George A. Romero for Tor's Summer 2020 release of The Living Dead. Our intrepid hosts also briefly talk about HBO's debut episode of Watchmen and Adam Nevill's latest folk horror novel, The Reddening. Then, the group breaks out into a spoiler-filled exploration of John F.D. Taff's third installment in his serialized novel, The Fearing, and how it stacks up against 2019's other big apocalyptic event-novel, Chuck Wendig's Wanderers.

The theme music, "Insidious," was created by Purple Planet Music and is used here under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.


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