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Nov 5, 2021

This week in the Abyss, we're discussing Greater Ventriloquist Jon Padgett's recently published short story, "Flight 389," from Nightmare Magazine Issue 109, and its larger connections to Padgett's work, particularly "20 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism."

Before we get into all, though, we talk a bit about Catriona Ward's Last House on Needless StreetThe Ghosts of Who You Were by Christopher Golden, Joseph Fink's middle grade horror book, The Halloween MoonDune, the Shudder Exclusive V/H/S/94, and the debut issue of the ComiXology Original We Have Demons by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. (Recorded Oct. 10, 2021)

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Read or listen to "Flight 389" online at Nightmare Magazine: